Reading Notes


Every child needs to be read to and to read aloud in order to become a successful reader. By the end of the year they should also be able to read silently and still maintain the comprehension of what they have read.  

Try to set aside at least 15 minutes every day to read with your child. Do not make this reading time an effort in frustration. If your child does not know a word just tell them the word and its meaning so that they can understand the passage they are reading. Make it a fun, personal time that your child can look forward to spending with you. 

Every week our class will be going to the library to check out books. Please let me know if you need additional reading material to use with your child. 

I collect reading notes every day. A sheet of reading notes is available in the classroom. You can also just write a note on any piece of paper stating the date and that your child read that day. Please be sure to sign it.You do not need to list the title of the book(s).