Homework and Little Books


LITTLE BOOKS: Our class will be starting homework on a weekly basis beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Every Tuesday a “Little Book” will be sent home. Your child is to read this book out loud to an adult and have the adult sign the attached sticky note. If their little book is not returned by Friday they will miss their morning recess to read it aloud with me.

HOMEWORK:  Every Wednesday your child will receive a worksheet to take home. It should take your child only 10-15 minutes to complete this assignment. This paper is to be completed and returned the next morning. If a child forgets his or her homework, they may ask for a new copy and return it Friday. If either  is not returned by Friday morning they will stay in during their morning recess and complete the missing assignment. 

My goal is to have your child gain a sense of responsibility. It is to be THEIR job to remember to take it home, complete it, and return it on time. Your cooperation in this will be greatly appreciated.

            Other nights of the week your child can work on one or more of the following:
a.    spelling words
b.    Daily Oral Language Sentences (keep the daily half sheets of sentences  and practice them for Friday’s test)
c.    Addition and subtraction facts
d.   Practice writing complete sentences