Weeks 25 - 30

Week 25

1. i seen them boys break that box

2.  mrs ports read the book the whistle pig wrangler to the class

3. doesn't alex like to play with us

4.  richard johnson

     2142 capital circle

     carson city   nv  89845

5.  joshs dog cant see very well said ciara

6.  mr unger slided on the ice but he didnt get hurt

7.  gabby finded his old skateboard

8.  erik said i drawed a picture of a horse named star

Week 26

1.   hes going to see the dentist tomorrow morning

2.   we can visit aunt dorothy or we can read a story

3.   we seen portland oregon from an airplane this summer

4.   dont you want to go with us

5.  we have ate at mr and mrs smiths house three times said damon

6.  shall i meet you downtown at 300 pm

7.  i and my sister havent no video games

8.  look at that big horse exclaimed calvin

Week 27

1.   he were dillons best friend last year

2.  are you gonna take us to the lake today

3.  aunt cynthis she brang me a new toy and im glad

4.  we will ride on the ferris wheel and see the fireworks

5.  he am not a good player

6.  i does not like peas corn or spinach said skyler

7.  mahonri hitted the ball into left field

8.  we buyed a new pet yesterday

Week 28

1.   i and my mother run in a race at the fair yesterday

2.  mr sam henry

     124 main street

     oklahoma city  ok  73120

3.  she ranned down the big hill

4.  uncle bill wont come today but him wants to come tomorrow

5.  gimme those pencils said elvis

6.  doesnt hailey j have a bicycle to ride asked jenna

7.  dontcha know that he aint a good pitcher

8.  were going to pick up izzy  kaden  and aubryana


Week 29

1.   you cant take justins tarantula to school

2.  were going to name our bird chirpy

3.  hailey m and me hided matthews marker in the cupboard

4.  do you want to watch television or do you want to play a game

5.  dad took us on the boat ride and mother took us on the roller coaster

6.  we seen them people run across the street

7.  we went to indigos house this morning at 1000 to play ball

8.  my brother and me didnt want to play that game

Week 30

1.  cameron she done her spelling this morning

2.  you is supposed to do page one hundred one in math said alex

3.  mrs charles porter

     2532 elmhurst road

     randolph az  85243

4.  were he told to meet us at 300 pm today

5.  ciara has ate her doughnut

6.  josh and me gots a new red bike

7.  gabby drawed a big dragon on the smart board