Weeks 19 - 24

Week 19

1. she come here yesterday to return your crayons pencils and glue.

2.  i and my brother cant finds that lost baseball

3.  mother she went next door and later brung josh home

4. i cant go with you on saturday

5. have you gave the presents to gabby and she yet

6.  we go to aunt janes house last july

7.  him wants to go to the store today

8.  you should read the book called true blue

Week 20

1. my pet mayzee dont like to eat popcorn

2.  erik dont wanta go to see dr herman

3. be sure to read page eleven  said mrs parker

4. have you rode in that bus before

5.  mr smith gots two new puppies and he also gots a new cat

6.   mr thomas clark

     1417 seventh st

     wells nv   89852

7.   dontcha want them toys anymore

8.  i went to mrs moorheads room today

9.  were happy because mr unger runned in the race and won

Week 21

1.  i done them problems yesterday

2. we will go on a trip this sunday promised father

3. im sure she were here yesterday

4. may damon and calving see the fireworks tonight

5. dillon and skyler wants to read the book the twits

6. i drawed a whale a dolphin and three starfish

7. hes the person we seen at the store

8. they dont go on a vacation until august

9. is you gonna come over at 330 pm

10. elvis has slided down that  hill many times

Week 22

1. miss susan carter

  1555 apple tree circle

  salt lake city ut 89452

2.  they went to mahonris  house to play ball

3.  mrs kappes wont let us eat the cookies until we have drank our milk

4.  she aint gonna find that glove over there

5. my dad he took us to a funny movie

6. we cant watch television tonight

7. mrs conrad bought new jeans for hailey j and he

8. jenna has hid my baseball glove


Week 23

1. we saw a camel at the zoo said kaden

2. why didnt you throw the ball to me

3. isabelle and her seen the cat run up the tree

4. bring that knife to me immediately

5. them girls have came to our house before

6. we have to play soccer on thursday friday and saturday at 100 pm

7. mother wants to go now ore she doesnt want to go at all

8. she has went to the library

9. aubryana hitted the ball through mr ungers window

10. me an dmy friend have ate lunch already.

Week 24

1. we rided our bikes today and went to justins house for lunch

2. hailey  m and her likes to play with airplanes

3. matthew hided my ball somewhere

4. indigo she wants to give me some pencils

5. we dont gots any more oranges

6. ruth holland

   7500 south 42nd west

   midvale ut  89852

7. we dont have no milk said cameron