Weeks 13 - 18

Week 13

1.  erik has hided his collection in boxes jars and cans
2.  she said  gabby founded this book today
3.  last sunday we ated at a hotel
4.  calvin said dillon should sit here
5.  dr henrys car slided all over the slick road
6.  i cant go to skylers party said elvis
7.  mother she doesnt like wednesdays
8.  we can go on thanksgiving or we can wait until christmas


Week 14


1.  that aint gonna take my boots said mahonri
2.  didnt we took them to the play yesterday
3. hailey j hitted the ball over the wall
4.  them boys will be visiting chicago illinois
5. they was here yesterday and they will return tomorrow
6. she brang me the book dragon gets by
7. i and my sister gots a new skateboard
8.  mr and mrs king saw their uncles aunts and cousins


Week 15

1.  my mother has went to the library
2.  on saturday send the box to jenna and i
3.  her went to see kadens play at 330
4.  isabelle couldnt go to the show but she could watch tv
5.  jason said we can all sing together
6. i have just read december secrets and now you can read it
7.  we doesnt know when the movie starts
8.  them girls went to her house for lunch but i couldnt go


Week 16

 1,  my dog mushroom wont follow me
2.  aubryana has founded some pretty stories
3.  mrs pree has did that before
4. dr gallagher drawed a picture of my teeth
5. we havent no place to go
6.  i and my cousin shopped and then we run to the bus
7.  mr sam goodwin
    1821 grand street
    cooper al    36019


Week 17

1.  we didnt visit chicago illinois
2.  justins dog has hided in that box a lot
3.  please gimme some work for wednesday
4.  she dont like to scold he pet mayzee
5.  hailey m and i likes crackers and we also eats cheese
6.  were gonna be there at 530
7.  mrs drussell will see us at 1200
8.  we aint gonna take them books with us


Week 18

 1.  mr unger has drank a lot of coffee
2.  im sure i havent no marbles
3.  matthew gots to wash his fathers car said indigo
4.  yesterday who hitted the home run
5.  cameron and him will visit him soon
6.  hes going to give alexs candy away
7.  miss laura tasker
     21 apple lane
     maplewood   oh   65340