Week 7 - 12

WEEK 7    

1.  i asked miss zamudio to gimme an apple

2.  my friend finded my pet snake buddy

3.  he gots my pencil and linda gots my paper

4.  we aint playing when hes here

5.  i want go with you

6.  has she went to the lake for christmas vacation

7.  mr smith went to her house to fix the freezer

8.  bill went to the store and he also visited me


1. dont play with sam my pet turtle

2. yesterday we eat aplles oranges and pretzels

3. he said tom rided with us

4. im so happy i could shout

5.  has dr jones drawed many pictures

6. kathy said im gonna get some ice cream

7. he said were gonna go for a walk

8. have you rode that horse before


1. do you wanta visit sacramento california

2.  mrs parker said they was happy you came

3.  dontcha like peanuts apple and juice

4.  her want to read melissas book

5. mr brown said he come here yesterday

6. sara and me like these stories

7. emily said them guys wont play with us

8. yesterday we went to rays house to play

WEEK 10  --- this is a short week due to Nevada Day holiday.

1. i and my sister seen two dogs a rabbit and a mouse

2. julian said we have went there many times

3.       mr and mrs john barker

         210 west jefferson

         carson city, nv  89503

4.  they havent no fresh bread on mondays


5.  we drinked two bottles of soda


1.  her sister said gimme that pencil

2.  im sure him had went there

3.  hes gonna play with us later

4.  doesnt cathys cat run fast

5. she brang it and gave some to helen and i

6.  they have drank three cartons of milk

7.  he said bill didnt take lauras book

WEEK 12 -- short week due to Veteran's Day

1.  i were reading the book true blue

2.  did mrs esaw drew a picture for us

3.  he has runned that race many times

4. wont you ever finish nate the great

5. he doesnt go there and they wont visit us

6. mom said yesterday he done the work