Week 31 - 35

Week 31

1.   we will visit my uncle jerry on memorial day

2.  erik brang his tent a sleeping bag and lots of food to my house

3.  damons dog sleeps over there

4.  mother called my dog mayzee but she wouldnt come

5.  my cousin has went to the park every thursday this summer

6.  im going to be eight years old next sunday

7.  calvin wont let me play with his fire truck

8.  i and my sister will go to canada in august

Week 32

1. dillon hs came to visit my mother

2. yesterday we went to my uncle edwards house for dinner

3.  dad bought me the book the whistle pig wrangler

4.  mr and mrs sam manning

    245 malibu avenue

    santa cruz     ca 95060

5.  skyler hitted the ball and elvis runned after it

6.  the book slided off the table with a bang

7.   we havent no candy cried mahonri

8.  grandma gave hailey j and i an electric train

Week 33

1.  jenna and me was going to go shopping

2.  please put them crayons in the boox said mother

3.  were going to drive to los angelos california this summer or else well fly there

4.  dont lose that book called fantastic mr fox

5.  he drunk all his milk at lunch

6.  is izzy coming in on the 200 plane today

7.  we all rided horses at summer camp

8.  that house is on fire exclaimed kaden

Week 34

1. aubryana and me went to see justin new skateboard

2. justin brang indigos older brother with him said hailey m

3. he has ate all the cookies and has drinked all the milk

4.  im sure he drawed that picture hisself

5.  cameron has a pet rabbit and ciara has a pet dog

6.  doesnt alex gots a pencil

7.  he do his homework right after school

8.  josh knows the answer said mrs ports

Week 35

1.  we shall go to joshs house on the fourth of july

2.  erik hitted me cried gabby

3.  i dont want none yelled damon

4.  our dog mayzee slided across the newly waxed floor

5.  cant you bring the plates napkins spoons and cups to our picnic

6.  we seen the new baby kangaroo at the zoo said calvin

7.  we have had a good time but now we must leave

8.  i will see you all in third grade said mrs ports