Classroom Rules

  I hope to catch all my students being good!

1. Listen carefully, remember to raise your hand to talk.

2. Follow directions.

3. Students will walk in the classrooms and halls.

4. Work quietly at appropriate times and do not disturb others who are working.

5. Respect others. Be kind with your actions and words.

6. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

7. Respect school and personal property.



1. The first time a rule is broken, the child receives a warning with their name written on the board.

2.   Each time a rule is broken again on the same day, the child will have a check placed by their name. For each check the child will miss five minutes of recess.

3.   After a third check in the same day, I will have the student call home and discuss the problem while I monitor the conversation.

4. After a fourth check in the same day, the principal will be asked to discuss the problem with the child.

We start fresh every day. I will call you if consequence #1 and #2 are happening frequently.